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The Science of Rapid Recovery

RAPID RECOVERY: To return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength in a shorter amount of time or faster pace than usual. 

After training and conditioning, many athletes experience delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). DOMS happens when waste products in the body can’t flush out fast enough and build up lactic acid, creating soreness. This soreness is a clue for your brain to say, “I need to rest” because the tissue is damaged.  So the science of recovery comes down to re-establishing homeostasis, or in other words re-establishing balance.

Reclaim My Life Discovery Session

Reclaim My Will, My Wellness, My Freedom

I Reclaim My Will, My Wellness and My Freedom. This is your decree for victory in the light. Schedule your RECLAIM YOUR LIFE discovery session! Decree “I reclaim my life” and it is so.

And the word became flesh. Speak only what you choose to have come into manifestation moment to moment to moment. Speaking, thinking and feeling words of conscious language carries a life-giving frequency to the body so your blood flows with ease. Life is in your blood. All language is vibration. Vibration includes sound and Light. Language is the process of spirit, (breath, inspiration) becoming reality.

Are you ready to be brand new? You can have the energy and vitality to thrive at any age. Schedule your session today!