My mission:  HeartMonics™ Harmonize life for a Sustainable well community that grows rapidly one healthy heart at a time.  A Healthy Heart for a Healthy Mindset to Be the Life YOU Love.

HeartMonics™ will increase the “Have” in your life and the “Health” of your heart for a happier healthy life with a greater quality of living.  The mission includes illuminating humanity through loving consciousness education providing funding and scholarships raising self awareness, self knowledge, and self understanding bringing ultimate wellness to the individual as well as communities. Ultimate wellness is an inside job and is easily obtained through the heart, loving consciousness.

This is realized through wellness education to learn about the tools and technologies within all of us to help gain our own self-knowledge from within our own hearts and help to transform your life and realize your greatness! First Know Thyself and discover the wellness that flows within YOU! Harmonize with LOVE, LOVE transforms consciousness!

Illuminate your heart with a loving consciousness certified training and courses harmonizing your life today!. Harmonize with love, love transforms consciousness. Upgrade your DNA today and begin to experience a healthier happier life with a greater quality of living.