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man being clampedThe #1 killer disease for humanity is heart disease.  Not cancer!  Even if you put together all the supposed different cancers, heart disease is still #1.  Remember you have one (1) body and you cannot separate any part of your body from the whole so why would you do that with cancer!

The reason cancer is diagnosed in different parts of your body is because of the specific cells in which it affects.  Your cells communicate with each other working together as a whole.  The core communicator of all your cells is your heart.

Your heart is the most powerful generator of rhythmic information patterns in the human body.  With every beat, the heart not only pumps blood, but also transmits complex patterns neurological, hormonal, pressure and electromagnetic information to the brain and throughout  the body.

The heart is uniquely positioned as a powerful entry point into the communication network that connects body, heart, and soul.  Feeling is centered in the heart, your emotions are a part of that.

“Since emotional processes can work faster than the mind, it takes a power stronger than the mind to bend perception, override emotional circuitry, and provide us with intuitive feeling instead. It takes the power of the heart.”  – Doc Childre, Founder, Institute of HeartMath

You have 1 heart!!!  And if you solved the problems of the heart you would solve all dis-ease!!!  It is what fuels your life.  Learn how to be healthy, whole, and complete through learning more about your heart and the power of LOVE.

Love is a power not a process!

What is the HeartMonics™ Harmonize Life Membership?

  • In this membership you will be illuminated with self awareness, self knowledge, self understanding, self acceptance, and self love through learning about S.E.L.F. (Source Energy Love Frequency) your enlightened inner pharmacy.  That which keeps you healthy, whole, and complete.
  • This illumination leads to you making wise decisions.  You will make wise decisions because you begin to trust yourself the more you understand who you are, your truth.
  • You will learn about your body, heart, and soul and how to take care of the whole instead of separating them from working together in harmony.
  • When all 3 are aligned you will move into a new level of consciousness, a loving consciousness.  Yes, you will also learn about consciousness!!!
  • When the body, heart, and soul become one again through your awareness, knowledge, and understanding you will begin to experience a happier healthy life with a greater quality of living.


Cynthia’s ability to bring every problem back to the Heart in order to help you clarify, simplify, and awesome-fy your life is uncanny…and special. I work with many people in personal development specialties and Cynthia is the rare gem who can get me back to center and vibrating on all cylinders quickly and lovingly. Thank you Cynthia!

Jack Humphrey

Who Is This For?  Is It YOU?


Mother and Child

Women: Women overcoming fear of persecution, rejection, not feeling heard and unworthy of love.  Could it be self doubt and unworthiness reign over your life and you desire to change this old consciousness for the health of your children and yourself.

  • Women planning pregnancy or are pregnant wanting to have a better life for their children, their family, and themselves.
  • Women in the change of life, menopause, ready to embrace their wisdom and to help other women embrace their own lives.
  • Women supporting women! Women with daughters aware of their own discordance with self worth and wanting something different for their daughters.
  • Women ready in business to validate their worth & value not only to their business but to their community.
  • Women who are ready to stand in their truth overcoming broken heart syndrome.  Women are more likely than men to have a condition called broken heart syndrome. In this recently recognized heart problem, extreme emotional stress can lead to severe (but often short-term) heart muscle failure.  More women than men die from heart disease and heart disease is the #1 killer disease of humanity.
  • Women learning to let go of the disease consciousness and fear of breast cancer.  Three 10-year studies concluded that emotional stress was more predictive of death from cancer and cardiovascular disease than smoking; people who were unable to effectively manage their stress had a 40% higher death rate than non-stressed individuals.
  • Young women desiring to understand who they are and their value in this world.  These young women are ready to let go of the attachment of what is outside of them selves and learn the truth of who they are on the inside.


business man

Men:  Are you ready to command your life from your heart instead of from just a mental point of view.  Learning more about yourself and becoming aware of what is depleting your energy and aging you before your time is key to living a happier healthier life with a greater quality of living. It is time to Relax, do your best and your best is good enough.

  • Men whose stress level is causing health issues taking them away from their work and quality of living.
  • Men viewing life as difficult and through a lack consciousness as if there is never enough. They live from a place of trying to control life but little do they understand that you can’t control life you have to live it!
  • Men tired of being in physical pain and suffering through their daily life with no relief in site.
  • Men looking to understand how to help their families feel safe in a world full of pain and disaster consciousness.
  • Men desiring to have a deeper relationship with their spouse/partner/significant other.
  • Men open to finding purpose and leaving a legacy of greater service to humanity and family.
  • Men who complain of high anxiety are up to six times more likely than calmer men to suffer sudden cardiac death.  Learn the tools to relax, do your best, and your best is good enough!
  • Men who are ready for an abundant and prosperous mindset.  A 20-year study of over 1,700 older men conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health found that worry about social conditions, health and personal finances all significantly increased the risk of coronary heart disease.
  • Men who are retiring.  These men feel out of rhythm and disconnected with their heart.  This stressful feeling enters into the workplace and later on when they are talking about retiring.  The void of identity after retirement is the same as the void of identity with your heart in your business and can lead to an early death.

Wellness Providers

Wellness Providers

Wellness Providers And Life Coaches:  Overcoming The Challenges, Knowing Their Value And Worth Within Their Business And Providing Services That Customers Value Over Traditional Medical Providers.  Overcoming The Insurance Consciousness Supporting Self Insurances And Complementary Wellness Programs.

  • Wellness providers increasing customer return, referral, and getting referrals and recommendations from physicians, nurses, and other medical providers because of the enhanced value you bring to them.
  • Helping those clients who are well to stay well.
  • Helping clients who are ill create a healthier happier life with a greater quality of living.
  • Wellness providers looking for a natural environment for their clients to heal and thrive.  Nature is the remedy for wellness.  You will learn how to create a natural environment in any area or room.

Individuals; Caregivers, Healthy and Unhealthy & More…

stressed people

Individuals Seeking To Know More About Who They Are, How To Age And Change With Ease, And To Understand Why This Type Of Wellness Education Is Important To Their Quality Of Life.  This Is For Those Who Are Tired Of The Wellness Roller Coaster, Fear, Disease, And Disaster Consciousness.

  • Married couples without children worried about who will take care of them when they are older.
  • Healthy people who take responsibility for their health and want to know how to Self-Insure themselves because of today’s health care and government health care issues.
  • Chronic illness patients who are looking for complementary wellness solutions to enhance the outcome of what they are already doing.
  • Caregivers who are stressed, over worked, over caring for others, and have forgotten how to take care of themselves.

Be mindful that the initial dose of inspiration you get from Cynthia is a sentence from a lifelong narrative.  Prepare yourself to draw from a library of affirmation – personal tools to sculpt the mind from an ardent and unyielding wellspring. In my career as an energy worker I have yet to see someone as benevolently relentless in their pursuit of an examined life.  Without exception, every experience with Cynthia is enlightening. We are as good as the key people we choose to inspire us.  My metal clarity and everyday motivation is lucid because of Cynthia.

Erik Ulstad

What’s In The Membership Area?

  • In the membership area you will find illumination through educational resources, videos, audios, digital downloads of relaxing music, meditations, wellness audios and videos, home study courses, and so much more.
  • You can download sessions to your favorite device and listen at your convenience.
  • All of the resources within the membership teach you how to harmonize your body, heart, soul, spirit and your business helping you live a happier healthy life with a greater quality of living.
  • There are exercises, daily routines to support all levels of your whole being so that you will experience health, comfort, and joy as well as help you get through the difficult times with ease and experience miracles!
  • Loving Consciousness Education is the priority of this membership, YOUR ultimate wellness, and harmonics of the heart; HeartMonics™ harmonize life!
  • Love is the #1 motivation in all of human life today. This illumination through education will help YOU to BE THE LIFE YOU LOVE!
  • You will learn how to Harmonize Your Life With Love, Love Transforms Consciousness…
  • And most of all, Solve your problems at a higher level of consciousness in which they were created.

By encouraging you to focus on the present moment and come from your heart, Cynthia delivers a deceptively simple yet profound message, just perfect for these times.  I was thrilled to have her co-present part of a recent workshop (on slowing down in nature); her contributions were informative and thought-provoking.  Her participation in the recent Mindset Workshop (of DirectionsU) was helpful as she always focuses on how to hear the message of your heart, how to heed it and how to act from it.

Aline Boundy

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