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The Next Step to Recovery GiftsThank you so much for joining Aline Boundy and myself, Cynthia Gardner O’Neill for:

  • Module 4 – “Exploring your relationship with Sound, Music & Nature” – with Cynthia Gardner O’Neill: learning about the relationship between your heartbeat, your voice (Bio-Acoustics) the Golden Ratio & Heartmonics Part 1.
  • Gift Package – In this gift package you will find an eBook of the slide show and journal area, Exploring your relationship with Sound, Music & Nature” for a supplement to Part 1 and Part 2.  I will also be notifying you when we announce the upcoming Part 2 which is even more adventurous, mysterious, and very fun!
  • Added Bonuses – I will be adding more bonuses to support the information shared within this module.
  • Register to Receive Your Gift – Your registration is easy and full of value.  I also would like to make sure you get Part 2 of the Exploring your relationship with Sound, Music & Nature” when it comes out very soon.  You will be able to see what is coming up in the eBook Slide Show and Journal area with your gift package download.  Your information is secure and we will never give out your information.

Again, thank you for taking a wilderness adventure into your heart to discover you!


Cynthia Gardner ONeillAbout Cynthia Gardner O’Neill – Illuminator of Love | Heartmonizer | Research Scientist | Intuitive Healer | Lover of Life |Adventure & Wilderness Guide | Faculty of Serving Mindset Direction University

Cynthia Gardner O’Neill is the Founder of the Center for Loving Consciousness and creator of HeartMonics Programs and Courses.  Cynthia has extensive education, training, degrees, and certifications in complementary and alternative medicine.  Her educational credentials include:   Wellness and Life Coach, Massage Therapist, Flower Essence Practitioner, Wilderness Guide, TFT Trainer, Complimentary and Alternative Medicine Professional, BioAcoustic and EnergyInformatic Research Scientist as well as a Doctored in Divinity.  Cynthia will guide you on a wilderness adventure into your heart to discover YOU!

Cynthia leads a life of peace and harmony but she says it hasn’t always been that way.  Her own story of trauma, illness, unique experiences with frequency and the power of the heart took her on an adventure to become an expert in the harmonics of the heart, HeartMonics™ Harmonize Life!.


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