What is the Heart of YOUR Business?

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Lynn Hawkins  and I have a special message for you about the art of giving and receiving for one cannot be without the other!  I am very grateful for this interview on The Biz Info Zone during the Thanksgiving holiday.  It is called The Entrepreneurs Thanksgiving and it is full of healthy heart tips for a healthy business in 2015 and beyond.

And yes, you too who are managing your lives to make the world a better place can learn how to bring your heart back into your business.

There is an agreement we make upon our birth and sometimes we must go through challenges to bring us lessons in order to remember and know we CAN help the world to be a better place. All it takes is to find peace, harmony and gratitude within yourself. Your quality of life will be great as your quality of life inside begins to express to the outside of you.

The Agreement: To receive all life has to give and transform it into something even better. Why? Because you can!

This is HeartMonics™, Harmonize Life! A Healthy heart for a healthy mindset to be the life you love! I am soul grateful for you all!

Be a part of the conversation and comment and share!  Why?  Because your heart brought you here… Thank you for listening to your heart.


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What motivates you to make a difference in the world?  You will find it in your heart!

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