Seeing Is Believing

Patients are literally “seeing” the difference BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy is making in their vision and quality of life. This webinar is presented by D.Todd Wylie, OD, FCOVD of Spokane, WA. Since 1982 he has had a full scope optometry practice with particular emphasis in vision-related learning disabilities and traumatic brain injury patients. Working with micro current therapy since 2007, Dr. Wylie was introduced to BEMER vascular therapy in April, 2013 when a head trauma patient showed considerable visual improvement following 5 BEMER sessions. He has been documenting improvement in various visual conditions such as dry macular degeneration and glaucoma. What has been a “real eye opener” has been seeing rapid improvement in early to moderate cataracts!

This presentation shares the results he has been seeing as well as why the visual system is such a wonderful window to the body for seeing the effects of improved general blood flow and circulation. BEMER is so easy to do. Only 8 minutes twice a day, just lie on the luxurious mat, press the start button and relax in the comfort of your own home or in your clinic. No medications, no supplements, no other devices can open up your small blood vessels by up to 30% and that effect holds for between 12 and 16 hours. BEMER has over 18 years of solid research behind it.

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