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The Potential of Sound

Introduction to BioAcoustics

The Sound of Your Voice Tells the State of Your Heart

language-of-the-heartA great introduction to BioAcoustics from its founder and pioneer, Sharry Edwards. Created by Ben Powers.  Sharry Edwards explains how BioAcoustics came about and the infinite potential sound has on our future of health and well-being.

BioAcoustics is one of the most fascinating experiences I have had with learning about myself, who I am, my truth.  I had already known that we are all energy and the ways in which energies, frequencies, interacted with one another.  Because of my own experiences of being an empath and/or clairsentient I sought out education and information to understand why I had these experiences and others did not. What I found out is everyone has experiences like me they just were unaware.  The reason most of you are unaware of your ability to experience so much more in life is the desensitizing of your sensory of feeling and your disconnection from your heart.

In the membership area you will also learn more about the power of your heart. The heart is the central communication center of every single one of your cells. The Vagus Nerve is also one of the ways the heart communicates and it passes through the vocal cords expressing your state of being through your voice.

This is just the beginning of your wilderness adventure into your heart to discover YOU!

vagus nerve HMThe “Heart Brain”:  The neural communication pathways between the heart and the brain. The heart’s intrinsic nervous system consists of ganglia, which contain local circuit neurons of several types, and sensory neurites, which are distributed throughout the heart. The intrinsic ganglia process and integrate inflowing information from the extrinsic nervous system and from the sensory neurites within the heart. The extrinsic cardiac ganglia, located in the thoracic cavity, have direct connections to organs such as the lungs and esophagus and are also indirectly connected via the spinal cord to many other organs, including the skin and arteries. The “afferent” (flowing to the brain) parasympathetic information travels from the heart to the brain through the vagus nerve to the medulla, after passing through the nodose ganglion. The sympathetic afferent nerves first connect to the extrinsic cardiac ganglia (also a processing center), then to the dorsal root ganglion and the spinal cord. Once afferent signals reach the medulla, they travel to the subcortical areas (thalamus, amygdala, etc.) and then to the cortical areas.

Vocal CordsVagus Nerve Vocal Cord Involvement: The Vagus Nerve is involved with the vocal cords. Information travels from the heart to the brain through the vagus nerve to the medulla, after passing through the nodose ganglion as well as the lateral cricoarytenoid and posterior cricoarytenoid muscles. These muscles are innervated by the inferior laryngeal nerve, a branch of the vagus nerve. It is innervated by the external branch of the superior laryngeal nerve, which is a branch of the vagus nerve. The vocal muscles extend along each vocal cord and help adjust their tension, controlling vocal tone.

vagus Nerve BAThe Vagus Nerve: Your immune system is said to be controlled by a nerve called the Vagus Nerve. It is the most important nerve coming from the the heart to the brain and travels to all the major organs. And you can activate this nerve through harmonizing your heart.  So clearly it is the heart that activates the harmonic frequencies that affect the vagus nerve.

What’s the benefit of harmonizing your heart? Well, it activates the Vagus Nerve, you can control your immune cells, reduce inflammation, and even prevent disease and aging! By creating a state of being of love, something the masters have done for centuries — you can switch on the Vagus Nerve and control inflammation and so much more.  And the beautiful outcome is your voice can tell the state of your health and that is why BioAcoustics is a powerful tool for understanding who you are and is the roadmap to your wellness.  As you get into a state of being of love, harmonizing your heart, you will feel your heart become healthier creating a healthy mindset for a happier healthier life with a greater quality of living to be the life you love.  Voice Profiling can help you monitor the transformation of your heart!

HeartMonics™ Heart Analysis

Through Voice Profiling

Heartmonics Voice Profile AnalysisVoice Note Correlate Chart

Computerized Report Reveals Your Authentic SELF

Are you aware the state of your health and your personality, your state of being, can be expressed through the sound of your voice?  This is your heart analysis!

The HeartMonics™ Harmonize Life Membership includes the Heart Analysis and so much more!

Five Levels of Consciousness to Harmonizing Your Heart within the membership area

  • Awareness
  • Knowledge
  • Understanding
  • Acceptance
  • Love

Analyzing with Nanovoice

Are you curious?

Watch this video as Sharry Edwards explains the NanoVoice…

NanoVoice™ is a micro-version of Sound Health’s professional nVoice Personality Profiler™ which uses frequency-based biomarkers within the frequencies of your voice to allow you an enlightening peek into your Secret Self.

NanoVoice™ can help you understand and solve issues using unconscious levels of awareness. This innovative technology is the forefront of future wellness based on personal biofrequency correlations to emotional, genetic, structural and biochemical information about YOU. NanoVoice™ software is a tool YOU can use to predict how your body would react based on genomic, environmental and internal stimuli. NanoVoice™ was created to spread the word and show the world what is possible!

 HeartMonics™ Harmonize Life Membership will provide you with education about the heart and how your voice with the professional  nVoice Personality Profiler™ can give you an assessment of where you are in your heart giving you your heart analysis. The membership offers group coaching teaching you about the free NanoVoice™ and will guide you to the software download and information for self analysis along with the opportunity to go deeper with the Heart Analysis.   HeartMonics™ Harmonize Life Educational courses will be available through the membership.  The membership will provide monthly group calls specifically experiencing the  Heart Analysis where you will learn more about who you are, what your experience is with the world, and how to live a happier healthier longer life with a greater quality of living.

As a bonus you may qualify for a heart to heart chat with Cynthia Gardner O’Neill to serve you to have a healthy heart for a healthy mindset to be the life you love!  You will increase the “Have” in your life and the “Health” of your heart.  It is time to harmonize your life and step away from heart disease.

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