Heart Health Is Ultimate Wellness

How do you get there?

Steps To Ultimate Wellness: The Doctor is in the house…

  1. Dr. Joshua Berka’s Video First – An up to date overview of how BEMER can help the body self-correct itself through blood flow, nutrient & oxygen uptake, and waste removal from the cells.  Detailed in how it works and why by Dr. Joshua Berka Academy for BioEnergetics and on the Board of International Microcirculation Network.
  2. Dr DeBrimcat: Chiropractor
  3. Dr Brimhall & Dr Huxtable The Bemer – Colorado Doctors
  4. Blood Vessels 
  5. Blood Flow through BEMER Session – This live video demonstrates the blood in capillaries at the micro-vessel level.This video was done by the Institute of Microcirculation and is of a chronically-stressed 26 year old athlete.